Flight of the Camel” (joint translation with Melanie Magidow of poem by Abu Nuwas) |
Marhaba Language Experience, 1 June 2022

Al-Ma`arri, Concerto for Chorus, op. 53
I translated Arabic language poems by medieval Muslim freethinker al-Ma`arri (d. 1057)
and worked with Seattle composer Will White to set them to classical choir music
(here’s the whole thing on YouTube, one version with scrolling lyrics, one version with scrolling music)

The Mu`allaqat for Millennials (translator)
AlQafilah Magazine and the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra)
[Bilingual English-Arabic collection of ten pre-Islamic odes aiming to introduce classical Arabic literature to a new generation of readers]

Weekly Arabic Translation Challenge (host and curator) |, May 2020-July 2020
[Tuesdays I post an Arabic text to translate, then invite translations in English,
or any other language. Saturdays I do a highlights roundup (not a contest; this tries
to be inclusive). Semiannual writeup of the results in Arablit Quarterly.]

‘An Elegy by al-Ma`arri’ | Jadaliyya, 20 September 2015
[English translation of an Arabic poem by author and freethinker al-Ma`arri (d. 1057)]
-featured on, daily website for Arabic literature, 21 March 2018