arabic and persian

The Hawramani Arabic Lexicon [searchable database of over 50 dictionaries]
Doha Dictionary [Arabic historical dictionary, like the OED]
Arabic Almanac [searchable database of multiple dictionaries]
Waqfeya Library [edited Arabic texts for PDF download or online perusal]
Al-Waraq [searchable database of Arabic texts]
Vahjeyab [Dehkhoda’s Persian dictionary]
Ganjoor [database of Persian poetry, searchable by author]

middle east news and research

Al-Monitor [daily translated content from over a dozen Middle East news outlets; home of the podcast Off the Hookah]
Syria Comment [news and analysis of Syria, managed by Professor Joshua Landis at University of Oklahoma]
Maghreb Blog [news and analysis of North Africa, especially Morocco]
Ajam Media Collective [alternative coverage of the Persian-speaking world, especially Iran and Afghanistan]
The Arabist [news and commentary on the Arab world, especially Egypt]