reviews and essays

The Crime of Translation” | ArabLit Quarterly
[Report on round one of the Arabic Translation Challenge, topic: “Crime”]

A Grand Turk in Washington” | Featured in RealClearBooks
[The Hedgehog Review 22, no. 1 (Spring 2020), review of Jefferson’s
Muslim Fugitives by Jeffrey Einboden]

Lost in Translation: Classical Arabic Literature” | The Millions
[26 Nov. 2019, essay about current trends in classical Arabic literature]

Full-Bodied” | The Times Literary Supplement
[22 Nov. 2019, review of The Praiseworthy One: The Prophet Muhammad
in Islamic Texts and Images by Christiane Gruber]

In Love and Word Ensnared” |
[19 Nov. 2019, review of Bewildered: Love Songs from Translation of Desires (The Post-Apollo Press, 2018)]

Rushdie’s Deal with the Devil” | Los Angeles Review of Books
[30 Jan. 2019, review of The Satanic Verses on the 30th anniv. of its release]

The Benefits of a Foreign-Language Tattoo” | The Atlantic
[9 December 2018, on the reasons people get body art in another tongue.]

A Warrior Poet of Pre-Islamic Arabia” | Marginalia (LA Review of Books)
[14 Sept. 2018, on the Arabic battle odes of `Antarah in English]

Like a Bride: The Qur’an and Arabic Prose” | Marginalia (LA Review of Books)
[6 July 2018, on the relationship between Islam and creative expression]

All Men by Nature Desire to Know” | Bridges (BYU Alumni Magazine)
[Jan-June 2018, on the value of a liberal arts education]

media appearances

Independent Research Fund Denmark Awards Kevin Blankinship and
Colleagues Substantial Research Grant” | BYU Humanities Newsletter
[30 Mar. 2020, project grant, medieval self-commentary beyond Europe]

Dr. Kevin Blankinship on the Life and Works of Poet-philosopher ‘Heretic’
Abū al-ʿAlāʾ al-Maʿarrī (d. 1058)” | Abbasid History Podcast (episode #9)
[29 Mar. 2020, interview series on premodern Islam]

Poetry and Prose Lecture with Professor Kevin Blankinship” |
Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center Newsletter
[3 Apr. 2019, coverage of poetry event in Washington, DC]

Fulbright-Hays DDRA Fellow Spotlight: Kevin Blankinship”|
UChicagoGRAD Weekly Digest
[16 May 2018, interview about my Fulbright grant to Morocco]

U of U Professor Hosts Lecture on Arabic Language and Culture for Utah Humanities Book Festival” | The Signpost, Weber State University
[29 Sept. 2017, on my public lecture about the 1,001 Arabian Nights for the
annual Utah Humanities Book Festival]