peer-reviewed articles & chapters

Suffering the Sons of Eve: Animal Ethics in al-Ma`arri’s The Horse and the Mule
Religions, special issue: Animals in Islam (October 2020)

Giggers, Greeners, Peyserts, & Palliards: Rendering Slang in al-Bukhala’ of al-Jahiz
Journal of the American Oriental Society (March 2020)

Missionary and Heretic: Debating Veganism in the Medieval Islamic World
Insatiable Appetite: Food as a Cultural Signifier in the Middle East and Beyond (Brill, 2019)

Al-Ma`arri’s Esteem in the Islamic West: A Preliminary Overview
Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean (February 2019)

lectures & conference papers

Careers in Literary Translation,” University of Chicago, Center for
Middle East Studies (CMES), 16 October 2020

Al-Hayawan fi l-Mizan: Risalat al-saahil wa-l-shaahij [Animals in the Balance: The Epistle of the Horse and the Mule] (lecture in Arabic)
University of Chicago, Center for Middle East Studies, April 2020

Spark Showers Way Out West: Forging an Author Through
Self-Commentary in Andalusi Arabic Poetry

University of Pennsylvania, Department of Hispanic & Portuguese Studies,
20 November 2019

Banu Sasan: A Medieval Arab Underworld Society
Medieval Association of the Midwest, 3-5 October 2019

Al-Ma`arri’s Anxious Menagerie: The Epistle of the Horse and the Mule
Freie Universität Berlin, 9-10 May 2019

Dust’s Embrace: Al-Ma`arri and the Art of Dying in Classical Arabic Literature
Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, Washington D.C., 3 April 2019 (on YouTube)

The Mediterranean and the Dream of Comparative Literature
English Language Notes 56, issue 1 (2018): 263-267

grants, fellowships & awards

Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF) Project 1 Grant ($433,000)
[Three-year funding with Aglae Pizzone (principal investigator) and Lars Mortensen (director, Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Southern Denmark), for a project called “Medieval Self-Commentaries Beyond Europe: A Transcultural Perspective”]

American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS), Research Grant ($2,250)
[Short-term funding to conduct archive research in Tunisia, fall 2019, for an ongoing project about East-West reception of classical Arabic literature]

Southern Denmark University, HUM SEED Research Grant ($12,750)
[Short-term collaborative grant at USD’s Center for Medieval Literature, for a project on Medieval Self-Commentary East and West; see 2017 CML report, page 2]

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Award (DDRA) ($33,500)
[Full-year grant to Morocco, for a project on the reception of a medieval Syrian poet in Spain and North Africa; see 2015 Fulbright-Hays report, page 10]